A Stone That Turned The Tide Of Time

Space, time suffered from inertia
Stricken by Newton’s doctrinaire laws
Who’d dare to break defunct dogma
That could no more conceal its flaws!

We needed a profound perspective
Real surrealist to establish it
How time in space is relative
Space, time ain’t split, but one truth, close-knit!

Who married space to time’s paradigm
Immortal Energy with Mortal Substance
Gravity, he said, is a warp sublime
In the fabric of, space and time’s, dalliance!

Who chased intrigue of light as a child
Beyond platitudinal postulates
Turned out be a visionary wild
What a profound truth, paradox creates!

How dare he bare the mind of God
Deep beauty of His enigmas
Who is that soul which has not awed
Conclusion/Cohesion of His dilemmas!

Between infinity hiding in quantum
And cipher in cosmic origin
He spun the space-time continuum
And redefined our original-sin!

Not a ripple, but a tsunami
He stirred in shallow soul of science
“Universe is space-time’s origami”
He proved with grandest/panache of defiance!

Ein-stein, Ein-stein, Ein-stein, Ein-stein
A gem worth more than many a dime
Who showed how space and time entwine/
Who showed how God’s mysteries/divine truths entwine
Was A Stone That Turned The Tide Of Time!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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