Freed from the shackles of shame, not yet
Me, my son lay, on, dread’s wrinkled bed
Where shall we hide our little secret
If not our hearts, who have more than bled/
If not our hearts, for years, who have bled!

How dare I bare my faith’s faultline
Why a mother ever chose to fall from grace
They say I am no longer divine
Who wear facades to hide their face!

My lullabies, were, never lies, my son
Nor is my newfound love for you
Two truths, with love’s, different dimension
Why can’t a mother be a lover too!

Why heavens fall, when ‘Goddesses’ sin
Not when they bleed with love’s yearning
How long I lay in lust’s coffin
I’ve tethered my boy to my apron-string!

How beautiful is this ‘insolence’
That blessed a woman with a new man
On a pilgrimage of senescence
Who chanced upon love’s ‘holy’ plan!

Your mother is a woman, not a whore
Who has found her fury in you
No more a motherhood’s metaphor
A virgin with a rainbow blue/
Reborn is a virgin in a coup/
Resurrect your virgin in this coup!

Baptized by blood of many menses
And the holy deed of deflowerment
I’m now your woman beyond pretenses
Let’s make new love our hearts invent!

I am your fall, you are my spring
A blessing of bliss, that has come true
Two lovelorn swans, will always sing
“O’er tomb of past, a present blooms new”!

This tryst between man and his alchemist
Is more than a moral enigma
Has ritualist lost to a hedonist?
I laugh away, this, dilemma, stigma!

Come home, my son, to my, wanting womb
The sanctum of your origin
Pay homage with a passionate kiss
Before we explore the rites of sin
On the bud of bliss of this aging tomb
I know, you know, Miss Clitoris!

Don’t battle anymore with your love-hormone
It’s been an age since you bit these breasts
Why a man drunk in test-o-sterone
Won’t add his mother to his love-conquests!

My son, since we have crossed that chasm
Of time, faith and fear’s sacrament
Why should not we share an orgasm
Until our minds, hearts, souls are spent!

Why morals call “immoral” us
And shroud our sensual sense in shame
How could their pride be so pious
Whose prejudice is shamelessly lame!

Immortal name on my mortal lips
Is yours my son, to ever last
A bright star in my life’s eclipse
My man of today, my boy of past!

What’s hidden, why it’s forbidden
Society loves to live its lies
Who smear, our passion, “shenanigan”
Are hypocrites, in holy disguise!

A mother’s funeral, a lover’s birth
Let’s celebrate them with this virtual vow
“My heart will remain your only hearth
For I own you now, far more than thou”!

“Love’s forbidden fest, incest, incest, incest,…”
It’s etched on every moral wall
Lest it bring down our little love-nest

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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