Estranged From My Poetry

When I look upon from a long distance
That ‘profoundness’ of my ‘very vain verse’
From the eyes of liberal indifference
I dissect my naked universe
An array of empty ciphers!

I’m one of them who dare not read
An unknown poet’s ‘doggerels’
A critic is born when the poet is freed
From pride, prejudice, piety’s shackles
I merely played on syllables/
I played chess with mere syllables!

How long I hold this pain in heart
Ever yearning for world’s acceptance
I know I ain’t Eliot or Mozart
A lost thought not worth remembrance!

Back at my desk, I dip my quill
In the blood of my floetry
Whilst, my mind mourns, and heart squirms, yet, soul is still
All Estranged From My Poetry!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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