The Travesty Of Modesty

Has France not been so secular
As it has learnt to be of late
Headscarves, kippas engender hate
Ain’t abayas too an ethnic slur!

Who were migrants, are now citizens
Of a nation lost in estrangement
In a mob bought at ethnic expense
Nothing less than a sacrament!

“Don’t wear innuendos of your creed”
Scream out French schools and colleges
“Don’t sow in your hearts holy hatred’s seed”
Is the warning to those who rage in fringes
Daring, donning their doctrinal dress !

“My Dear, Dare you bare any shred of your skin
Better embrace death than relent to sin”

Where will now Salma hide her shame
Sans the shroud of sacrosanctity
Behold Macron’s new political game
The Travesty Of Modesty!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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