Godhuli Is WHY I Named Her

A kiss of bliss o’er flippant feet
In my frenzied life paradigm of poise
How a petite soul stole my heartbeat
I find in her my heart’s lost voice!

There is nothing divine more than
The dust of dawn blessed by the sun
Baptizes my little calf once again
With the lasting litany of someone!

An orphan suckling cold udders
Is how I found by the hawthorn hedge
A puny wanderer was my verse
A bard always struggling at the edge!

The ethos of that trampled dust
Is the color of my wanderlust!

Since she became my pilgrimage
My verses stir her hooves’ whisper
A deep dark dusk had come of age
Godhuli Is Why I Named Her!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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