Amid Famine Of Faith And Fest Of Fear

Dug out 44, only 14 remain
Believers in their glorious graves
“The gate to heaven is but thru pain”
Fraudster of faith brainwashed his slaves!

Lo and behold, Good News, Global Church!
Love the ‘League of Lie’ which wants to die
Blind believers find no God thru their search
Just an endless flight of a firefly!

“We’ll starve ourselves to the heaven’s gates
To be one with our Jesus Christ
Redeemer is the one who creates
Riot of love in a holy heist!”

In this sacrament of redemption
Death is a despair doctrinaire
An African cult seeks preemption
Amid Famine Of Faith And Fest Of Fear!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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