In The Search Of The Lost Ones

“Deaths damn do lie, legacies don’t die”
Hear out old epitaphs on legends’ tombstones
Whispering life’s lasting lullaby
Despite no more flesh squirms from bones!

Impression of last expressions
Legends left behind their legacies
Behold a man whose obsessions
Are a sum of all his heresies!

Those celebs left an emptiness
Or mystery of an endless age
Who still intrigue us more or less
With a profound ethos of outrage!

Still immortal is the shibboleth
In throes of life death’s every breath

Why a Ghost-Whisperer world calls Scott
Who measures past’s dimensions
Whose glory was found trapped in a thought!
In The Search Of The Lost Ones!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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