A White Golfer’s Genius Caddie

“Sir, hit it here, nay, hit it there”
Rose told Edward his length and line
Chasing his stray ball everywhere
A black slave since he lost his spine!

“I found his ‘birdie’ in the bush
And made Sir ace with ‘hole in one'”
Every “eagle” was worth an ambush
Where two men found one dimension!

Those strokes led to white man’s glory
Stolen from a black man’s heritage
A race was lost from history
In an endless penury’s pilgrimage!

Heavier than golf clubs in his bag
Borne on black soul white malady
Who lived with pride with a ‘nigger’s’ tag
A white player played black parody
A White Golfer’s Genius Caddie!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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