The Tombs Of Their Dying Wombs

An age has passed since an infant cried
In this Japan’s province, town, village, …
In the throes of present the past has died
What lingers on? Age of outrage!

Too busy, too coy, to marry, make child
Or poor to afford its economics
With population unreconciled
This island laments its demographics!

After endless eons a rare urchin
Has ended their ethnic famine
Who linger on in cold coffin
Of existence no less than sin!

World watches aghast “Will this race last!”
What became of its World War glory
A nation’s ethos looks downcast
With no one to laud its history!

How will Japan redeem its dream
At the edge of its ethnic aplomb
They are more barren than they seem
The Tombs Of Their Dying Wombs!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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