The Last Of The Sworn Virgins

Balkans celebrate, Burrneshat, celibate
“Divine we’re since we don’t copulate”
Honor us half-men with hymen
Before we are lost to time, amen!

A sacrifice bought us scant freedom
Besides “Awed Species” of “Odd Spinsters”
A pack of cigarettes, a bottle of rum
And a reason to satirize world’s marital curse!

Will one more age remember us
We left behind trivial heritage
A life lost in searching purpose
Throughout a pointless pilgrimage!

How estranged are we lone souls now
Entangled in our virginity’s vow!

We feel with hymens still intact
Living each day in love’s coffins
Whose existence is a fictional fact
The Last Of The Sworn Virgins!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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