The Last But Not The Least Hangman

“At last my noose has found its necks
And me 4 Lakhs to marry my maidens
Sending Satans to hell ain’t a quest complex
Never ever before lynchings made such social sense!”

With a legacy worth many pedigrees
He feels like a messiah of justice
“Let death be beyond life’s prejudice
I rid the world of this dreadful disease”

Who knows when will call these gallows
For a sinner’s legal paid murder
More than laws, it’s outraged ethos
Which redeems a lawful lyncher!

Defiance of death gave in to fear
Alas, his heir but denies his plan
Lest he will hang his legacy this year
The Last But Not The Least Hangman!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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