Virgins For Sale

10 fetches most, 9 fetches more
When a wee virgin gives in to sin
The girl of a whore should be a bigger whore
In the cocaine-reigned barrios of Medellin!

Fear’s fief baptized by bullets and blood
And the inertia of narcotics
Lust to deflower every night a new bud
Is this ghetto’s nefarious neurotics!

“@ $200, her holy hymen” a mother sells her chaste daughters
To Love-Lords in bazaars of shame
They bleed to death to be born as a curse
Wandering sin-streets without a name!

It’s all o’er in a dreadful tryst
When a woman agrees to sell wholesale
The faith and fear of the Alchemist
Aghast By This Moral Travail – Virgins For Sale!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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