My Last Letter To Little Lillette

“Why don’t you end my name with “e”?”
To my “Lillett” without regret
She’d ask me very innocently
And I laughed away a lovelorn brunette
In the bout of our Russian Roulette!

She shorthanded my poetry whilst I shortchanged her misery
She thought she is a muse to me
She matched no way my chemistry
She was my pity not artistry!

She stopped to come, her letters came
I hardly cared to open them
Each time with a different dame’s name
Alas, she failed in her mayhem!

I wrote to her to end it all
“Don’t you kill poet with a bayonet”
My graffiti on her crumbling wall
My Last Letter To Little Lillette!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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