Where Brothers Rape And Fathers Kill

No more, was she, her ‘dad’s darling’
For, she smeared, with shame, his family’s name
“”My brother raped me”, why, she bared, everything
What a joke, we became, for her, sin-ister fame”!

Who looks the other way when his daughter is raped
For the pride and prejudice that he trades
In bazaars of sin where truths are draped
In facades of myths of myriad shades!

Beyond, a flagrant, flaw, in law
It’s, mankind’s faith, that’s, womankind’s fear
We witness aghast, what the, prophet, never saw
A belief’s cross she has learnt to bear!

Which pride he salvaged with her gore
Until, he had, his, heart’s fill
This land is a misery’s metaphor
Where Brothers Rape And Fathers Kill!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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