Who Dare To Shout Out Truth Aloud

Why lie clamours while fact whispers
Who’s free who’s in the prison of fear
Ain’t myth a malice if it inspires
Reign of prejudice for an age of despair!

We live in deaf dumb and blind herds
Inert silhouettes in a compromised world
Puppeteered by paid political shepherds
Whose every word is manufactured!

Yet a myriad mutinies spur in the hearts
Of a fleet of fleeting fireflies
Who chose to be fearless Bonapartes
Not Mozarts who flirt with their lies!

They are the ones who care to refine
Not the cowards of this worldly crowd
This realm with a newfounded bloodline
Who Dare To Shout Out Truth Aloud!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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