“Allahu Akbar” When World Heard

Faith, Had Its, One More, Tryst, With Fear
When, a fanatic, tore, himself, to shreds
And, believers too, in the midst, of their prayer
Lay dead, now in, beds of hatreds!

It was, in a mosque, not, a crowded street
That, he chose, to wage, and, win his jihad
Between, two brothers’, victory, and defeat
World watches, aghast, a, blood-baptized charade!

A dark, and, stark truth, of the, same fief
Divide, deep chasm, of estrangement
Between, heaven and hell, is beyond belief
This, holy hatred’s, sacrament!

“God is, the greatest”, ‘martyr’, swore
Before, God’s word, he deciphered
It found, in faith, fear’s metaphor
“Allahu Akbar”, When World, Heard!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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