A Promised Land Never To Be

Did the, Prophet know, when the, Prophet said
“We’ll get, to the fiefdom, of our faith”
How, politics will, turn, shred by shred
Our ethos, into a, restless wraith!

“Our, Holy Land, Of Peace, who stole!”
Resent, two Prophets’, estranged sons
Who partitioned, their, mother’s soul
By, a hate of, dreadful, dimensions!

Whose blood, baptized, whose, sacred shrine
Someone, shot, someone’s, holy heart
Who says, faith is, a furore, benign
When it, mutates, Mozart, to Bonaparte!

Amid, Gaza, West Bank, and, Jerusalem
Wages, vicious war, of, a legacy
A dream, lost in, misery, of mayhem
A Promised, Land, Never, To Be!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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