Yet Another Butchered Black Man

Carry, misery of, mourning, thru streets
A Black man, died; many more, to come
An ethos, has lost, its, hertbeats
How deadbeat, is, life’s realism!

The same, sick tabloids, a sick, city, reads
“One More, Black Man, Murdered, By Cops”
World views, aghast, how, American Dream bleeds
Does, no one know, where the, damn buck stops!

The Presidents, shed their, glycerine-tears
The residents, move on, with their lives
Until faith, succumbs, to, those fears
In, whose shadows, no, hope survives!

His funeral’s, embers, smolder on …
Who, left, a pain’s, legacy, for his clan
To, become, again, a political pawn
Yet Another, Butchered, Black Man!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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