Between Guns And Shenanig(u)ns

A bullet, with, every, yankee’s name
Spurs, a rebellion, in, fear’s prison
Living, in US, is a, deathly game
Since, a gun, defines, fate’s dimension!

How, demure fingers, found triggers
To settle, petty, scores, with all
Those, unknown foes, and, known brothers
And end, that endless, ethnic brawl!

Why, there are, more guns, than humans
In this, Utopia, of Democracy
The dream, which, swear by, Americans
Is, the height, of, hideous hypocrisy!

More bloodbaths, will, baptize this land
Since, sleep on solutions, politicians
US, will sink, in, fear’s quicksand
Between, Guns, And Shenanig(u)ns!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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