Egyptians Eat Chicken Feet

Its crow, no more, bodes well, for Egypt
There ain’t, sunrise, only, sunsets galore
What chequered, its, economic script
A broke state, why, must pay, its toll!

Not a morsel, butcher, spares to sell
The government, is bankrupt, it seems
To buy, chickenfeed, from hoard-cartel
“Even, innards, are edible” hunger screams!

Has, the pride, of the nation, learnt to beg
“Do feed us; our ethos; our soul”
The butcher, accounts for, each chicken leg
Lest hunger, take its, ugly toll”!

Has Sisi, sold to, his military
His wasteland’s, prophesied, defeat
To commemorate, their, misery
Egyptians, Eat, Chicken Feet!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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