When God I Find In Satan’s Mind

My faith, is fear, my fear, is me
Ain’t there, it all, begins, and ends
The myth, mystique, of the divinity
In whose, shadow, swirl, archfiends!

Why we measure, Lucifer, to a, cipher
To infinite, His, Holiness
With the, rites of faith, we decipher
Both are, conjectures, more, or less!

Is this heist, of the, Antichrist
Or a war, within, a believer
Who, wrests, whose glory, from, whose fist
Where sin, and sinner’s, limits, blur!

That search, now seems, to end, nowhere
Across, a myriad, miles entwined
With, pilgrimage of, truth, laid bare
When God, I Find, In, Satan’s Mind!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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