Amidst Islands Of Estrangement

Lest I forget every dark silhouette
With a tale of emptiness to tell
Like the last legacy of a dead poet
Lost between quest of heaven and hell!

Who wiped out poesy from my walls
Of memories of forget-me-nots
What remains is a graffiti of recalls
Of a thinker once; who stole his thoughts!

A rosary strewn all o’er time
By a tramp on a lonely pilgrimage
Where cipher is the only paradigm
Of an infinite age of outrage!

There can’t be more profound than pain
When I’m all alone in the Memory-Lane!

Life’s all crossroads dissolve to none
When remembrance seems a spent sacrament
In the search of soul’s stolen dimension
Amidst Islands Of Estrangement!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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