A Royal Story With No Glory

William was heir, hence, Harry, a spare
The second-hand, sovereign, of Britain
Born with, a legacy, of despair
Little dynast, defines, dilemma of pain!

Harry, plays martyr, to the tabloids, who pay
Mi££ions, of pounds, to buy, bad blood
Spilled every day, in the, mean, mad, melee
Where, royals smear, each other, with mud!

Faith, loses always, when, fate plays dice
And Harry, knows it, oh, so well
Megamyths of truths, megaliths of lies
Sound so surreal, when royals tell!

Harry, harried, by his, mad misery
Pulled off, heist, of history
He sold, Buckingham, sans, sorry
In, A Royal Story, With, No Glory!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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