When It Rains Mystique In The Wood

Whose whisper, lingered, thru the day
A dark despair, eclipsed, the noon
Once zephyr, now, is squall, at the bay
With the, thunderous elan, of monsoon!

There’s more, to the, scent of petrichor
Land’s ethos, baptized by, sun’s tears
Who scattered, sublime, shades, galore
In the farms, of faith, o’er, myriad years!

The angst, of the doe, who lost, her fawn
In the mist, of the mystery, of, lone lagoon
Is the, lasting litany, heard, until dawn
When mermaids, bathe in, the blood, of moon!

It’s, deep within, what, seeped thru skin
The melting mirth, of a, cherished childhood
The quest, for beuty’s, lost origin
When, It Rains Mystique, In The Wood!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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