He Kissed Today Ayatollah’s Noose

Democracy, reigned, by Theocracy
Can there, be a worse, hypocrisy
Than, fanatic faith’s, lunacy
In, institutionalized, degeneracy!

In this epic, of, a Fear Republic
A cleric, decrees, its destiny
How hate, rendered, a nation sick
In a, heist of, ignominy!

How many, more men, will you hang
At the, crossroads, of an, angry age
Youth, want a dialogue, not harangue
To quell, rage of, holy outrage!

Lo and behold, fiesta, of death
His, holy henchmen, celebrate
With a, solemn, sin-ister, shibboleth
“May, live long, Ayatollah’s, sultanate”!

Alas, my lad, is a, renegade
I fear, to lose, for, he dared, to choose
Matyrdom, in a, lost crusade
He Kissed, Today, Ayatollah’s Noose!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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