Never Buy A Dream With A Credit Card

So spastic, to the, limits, of plastic
I bought, hope with, deed, of despair
A graffiti, of grief, so sarcastic
I’ve bargained, boon, with bane, I swear!

On a, borrowed bed, with, blinkered eyes
I see, a distant, delusion
A truth, is worth, less than, its lies
In this paradise, of, collusion!

With the constant angst, “It does, not belong
To me, as yet, till its, last due, is paid”
I have, learnt to love, to lust, and long
Every shade, of bliss, in pain’s, masquerade!

Better make, your own, of clay, and stone
Than pave, with tears, golden boulevard
Redemption is, beyond, any loan
Never Buy, A Dream, With A, Credit Card!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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