The Misery Of My Existence

From, cradle to grave, faith, measures fear
At the, periphery, of, estrangement
Whose smile, I bear, with a, sin-cere tear
What’s life, if not, a sacrament!

A face, for me, a farce, for crowd
In between, a cipher, shouting loud
Entangled, in this, endless affair
A worthy man, lives in, self-doubt!

Who baptized, me, “Social Failure”
Are the ones, who swore, to, stand by me
Now all alone, on a wing, and a prayer
I am lost, in sums, of, my destiny!

From a, fistful of, fleeting moments
I invent, life’s, ethnic substance
And a, prophecy, of, presentiments
The Misery, Of, My Existence!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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