The Graduates That Taliban Hates

Their manhood, thrives on, womanhood’s woes
Who reign, their fief, of faith, with fear
“Dare you, step, out of, our shadows!”
Decrees, their, pious puppeteer!

Herd them, hide them, flog them, stone them
Don’t sin, by, sending them, to school
Women are, mere assets, of, mankind’s harem
So burn, their books, by, Sharia’s rule!

“Intellect, is not, for the, lesser race”
This, ignorant, Taliban, clan says
May jannat, fall from, holy grace
If women, remain, illiterate always!

This pilgrimage, to that, dire, dark age
Is the fate, Afghanistan, tolerates
As, smolder, in, stifled outrage
The Graduates, That, Taliban Hates!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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