Why A Journey Should Lead Us Somewhere

A, myriad miles, spent all alone, without, a single milestone
Life, measured time, with distance, distance with time
In the quest, of a trail, to a, sojourn, known
Why we, follow history, like a mime!

Beyond, present age, past’s, pilgrimage
Is a, lasting legacy, of, outrage
Thru a riot, of, jailbirds, I hear
A rhapsody, of faith, by fear!

This search, will never, end, out there
But, deep within, our souls, estranged
With a, ‘dearth of, directions’, despair
Dare we, wipe out, ways, we never changed!

How we long, to be, a bale, of hay
Never, tethered to, destiny’s, snare
When, a caravan’s creed, is to, stray and stray …
Why A Journey, Should, Lead Us, Somewhere!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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