The Fear Of Joy

What whispers, wail, of the, nightingale
Entangled, in the, throes of bliss
Pain spills, from, her heart’s, Holy Grail
To fill, with enigma, this world’s abyss!

Which burden, on our, smiling lips
Weighs down, the elan, of our soul
In faith’s, facade, why, fear’s eclipse
Vitiates, our verve, with vitriol!

Why, do we dither, to embrace, all
The springs, that, bloom, our boulevard
Instead, yearn for, fiesta of fall
To feed, on the heart, of a, banished bard!

The legacy, of this, human stain
Echoes, the doomed, destiny, of Troy
Joie de vivre, is, tethered, to pain
Beyond, a bane, profane, Is The, Fear Of Joy!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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