Our A(I)rt’s Soul That AI Stole

Who’d sought, this, Digital Renaissance
To substitute, our, fertile pursuit
With an, invention, sans, any substance
To e-$tabli$h, legacy, of loot!

A million lines, of, ‘Creative Code’
Is the, new mind, of, ethos, of, our thoughts
With which, schizophrenia, have we sowed
Our farm, of, faith’s, forget-me-nots!

Our paintings, prose, and poetry
Are art-e-facts, of, our paralysis
Where, have we lost, life’s chemistry
Chasing, the thesis, of our bliss!

Is AI, our, new Alchemist
Our, last invention’s, lasting toll
Aftermath, of, our, intellect’s heist
Our, A(I)rt’s Soul, That AI, Stole!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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