Snakes Have Clitorises Too

Since Satan, sits, on this, seat of sin
Let it, be lost, to oblivion
Why delve deep, to that, virgins’ skin
Which sways, her to, profane passion!

How sublime, is this, name of shame
In, love’s lair, lust’s, lasting kiss
Why, an issue, this, tissue became
Is it, a sin, to cherish, bliss?

How can, you hide, what’s deep inside
The truth, and myth, of, fulfillment
Lo, and behold, who crucified
Womanhood, with this, sexual sacrament!

Has, prejudice, transcended, species
To, live thru, mankind’s, mean taboo
Why a, stigma of sex, womanhood carries
When, Snakes Have, Clitorises Too!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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