Where Has Life Lost Its Password

Between, the virtual world, and, the real realm
E-xistence, has, transcended time
How ciphers, and ones, now overwhelm
Our past’s, present’s, ‘perfect’, paradigm!

Login, to the maze, of metaverse
Your e-avatar, where, finds e-soul
Which wanders, in this, universe
Where, you are, tethered, to a, protocol!

Where, leads us, digital destiny
Thru the, AI-hope, ML-despair
Here art, is an, artist’s litany
Every masterpiece, is a fear, laid bare!

In myths’ bazaar, we live, VR, AR, MR, …
Fact, feels like, a faux, figment, absurd
In a, digital upheaval, beyond bizarre
Where Has, Life Lost, Its Password!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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