When I Found At Last My Longlost Wife

“Is it, my Mehrunima!”, I mused
That, homely lady, I despised
Is a, celeb-chef now, whom, I had reduced
To a woman, more than, compromised!

Who, I called, banal, no intellectual
Had, proved me wrong, yet, one more time
Trouncing, to dust, Manhood’s Bible
She had, tranformed, womanhood’s paradigm!

New “Madhur” now, she refused me, a last tryst
“And rightly so”, thought, my ego
I had touted, as, “World’s, Best Alchemist”
Had, failed me, with a, lasting blow!

I bid, last(ing) adieu, to whom, I had lost
Who paid, for my, heart and hearth, with her life
Too late, I had learnt, true love’s, selfless cost
When I Found, At Last, My Longlost Wife!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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