The Immortal Curse Of The Metaverse

I ain’t, dead yet, poised, e-medic said
Whilst, my kin, interred me, in coffin
An, “Alchemist of Death”, has bought, my every shred
To resurrect me, in, a new, e-skin!

They have, switched me on, in the metaverse
“Congrats”, they cheered, “You are, still e-live”
“Your brain’s, back-up, is your, life’s universe”
Without, form, heart and soul, can a, lonely mind thrive!

My e-neurons, have, replaced me
In a computer, in a, dark corner
My e-xistence, is a, mere memory
In an, infinite mind, lost, in a cipher!

Was, true death, better than, faux permanence
I am entrapped, in a, digital inverse
Dare I, seek freedom, from this, e-pretense
The Immortal Curse, Of The, Metaverse!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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