Few Words Know Me Fewer Words I Know

Lest, the least, of my, tantalizing tryst
Leave me, with an, intellect, half-learnt
In the fist, of a, self-taught alchemist
There are, a few more, metaphors earnt!

No more, is English, colonial gift
But a, substance, of my, thoughts’ ethos
It would, be, my myth, to call it, a thrift
Rather, than a poor, poet’s pathos!

Is lexicon, my, new Bible
But, expressions, are, not just verse
Whose rational, seems, no more, radical
But, the sum of, my utopian, universe!

I am not, what, you may have, thought
Lazing graffiti, on, a stray shadow
Lost in, life’s, endless roundabout
Few Words, Know Me, Fewer Words, I Know!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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