Monochrome Is Our Chromosome

In shades, shadows, graffitis, silhouettes
Is the, hide-and-seek, of, black and white
All memories, are, scattered vignettes
In life’s duality, each a, lost, stray kite!

What use, are these, million, digital hues
To paint, portrait of, a perfect age
When, the soul, is missing, in, all the views
Old substance, lost, to the, glorious 3rd page!

The moorland, still echoes, two tones
Just as, the cityscape, in, two tints
In between, dark, and stark, unknowns
Are, streets of truth, with, myth’s footprints!

Seduced by, glitzy, showy, story
Have we lost, life’s, black-and-white glory
Those, Black & White, Days
Won’t, they, live always!

Don’t you, dare, colorize, that “Citizen Kane”
So far, unsmeared, by the, “Color Sin-drome”
Lest, vain remain, pain’s, stain, profane
Since, Monochrome, Is, Our, Chromosome!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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