Where Fear Is Faith And Faith Is Fear

Have fanatics, finally, breached, their vow
To the world – “We would, be, more humane”
“Alas! Sharia would, no more, allow
More, freedom, to, sin-prone, women”!

“We won’t spare, who dare, faith’s decrees”
With, a smoking gun, blares, Taliban Chief
There’s, no freedom, from, this fear’s, disease
Who betrayed, Afghanistan’s, belief!

“Ain’t Afghans, orphans, of, Americans
Who left, us, at, Taliban’s mercy”
What is, that reign, that’s run, by guns
When men, deify, hate’s heresy!

“We flog, maim, lynch, stone, behead, ‘sinners’
To please Allah, with our, deeds, sin-cere”
In the universe, of His, Holy Curse
Where, Fear Is Faith, And, Faith Is Fear!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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