A Fling With Mister DO NOTHING

I am, their shadow, who buy me
@, 85 Dollar$, for, each tryst
To, shepherd souls, who are, more lonely
Than, can heal, spell, of, this alchemist!

“No strings attached”, we, both agree
Two strangers, who, want to forget
One loneliness, one, nihility
Tangled, in, a quiet, Russian Roulette!

“Walk me, to moon”; “Hear out, my pain”; …
Beg, to me, fear’s faces, in facades
By, an oath, of, estrangement, we remain
More bonded, than, worldly charades!

What, a witless, worthless, waif, can bring
To the world, of herds, yearning, suffering
Sometimes, idling, is the, best blessing
In, A Fling, With, Mister DO NOTHING!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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