Am I, no more than, wisp of time
A clone, of past, who may, not last
Beyond, faith’s, fleeting paradigm
In the game, of fate, since the die, was cast!

Whose womb, I chose, whose tomb, chose me
Which clan, became, my quest’s, caravan
Thru, birth, senescence, and, death’s decree
I am, the mob, I am, the man!

On a, graffitied wall, old manifesto
An old shibboleth, for the, new mutiny
I’m a species, that, forgot, to grow
But, for, ethnic, ignominy!

I sit, all alone, by my, last milestone
At the end, of, life’s, last pilgrimage
Do, I belong, to the, shadow, I don’t own
Or, Spent Outrage, Of An, Endless Age!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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