The Monkey On The Tallest Tree

What can’t, you buy, with, power and pride
A million, sins, in, lost coffins
You can, have, more Christs, crucified
For, you, are the newfound, Lord, of your jinns!

Why, world despairs, a, defiant dissident
Who dared, to bare, true shades, of, this God
Neither skin, nor shroud, of sacrament
Were found, of this, renegade outlawed!

God’s glory, lives, not oblivion
Of the one, whose truth, was trounced, to dust
A dark reply, to a, stark question
“Why, an honest man, died, in disgust!”

This, cherished chief, of, his mischief
Sins, with, privileged impunity
He is, high, above, our, faith and fear’s, fief
The Monkey, On The, Tallest Tree!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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