Lest You Dare To Bare Her Hidden Hair

Dare you, make public, a pubic affair
Since, sensual sense, of puberty
Is, wrought with, sin’s, sin-ister fear
When liberals, learn, to be, flirty!

Shaved armpits, and twats, are just fine
But, not with, the shrubs of, the wildest kind
But art, knows not, our shame’s, red line
To, our, own prejudices, is, our art, blind!

While, it’s simpler, to deal, with world
Not ethnic, enigmas, of mankind
Scandals, of s(k)in, are more absurd
In the, social prisons, of our mind!

Thru, renaissance of myths, to, present’s lies
Same stigmas, sum up, our, damn despair
Shame’s thorn, still stabs, scared censor’s eyes
Lest, You Dare, To Bare, Her Hidden Hair!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra


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