A Flight That Never Ever Arrived

With a, fistful of, our existence
We wander, for, where, do we belong
In this, endeavor, of persistence
We keep chasing, life’s, last furlong!

Alas, ageless, is, this long wait
To the, destination, called destiny
What distant, delusions, do we create
On the way, to our, ignominy!

Ask this, forgotten, forsaken man
“Where was, your cradle, where will, be your grave!”
He smirks, with satire, “Who needs, a clan?
With estrangement, that’s all, what we have”!

O’er isles, of sojourns, scattered, in time
A spent soul’s, lost, labors, survived
In a, pensive, pilgrimage, worth a dime
For A Flight, That, Never Ever, Arrived!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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