Why Do I Live In This Woeful World !!!

As sickening, as a, slumber of noon
Life is, a pilgrimage, of outrage
Why bane, has to be, shadow of boon
Adding, more ache, of, age to age!

Between, cradle of faith, and, tomb of fear
Life’s ritual, is, too much, to bear
With my, soulless thoughts, lost, in despair
In the, 8 billion’s mob, ain’t, I too, a cipher!

A clone, with a, different, face and name
Or a, highbrow, with a, broken vein
In this, banal realm, we are, all the same
Amidst, war-and-peace bargain, surviving pain!

Why do, I resent, its sacrament
A life, spent in, death’s, cocoon, curled
Where existence, is a, mere figment
Why Do, I Live, In This, Woeful World!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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