How I Long To Be A Leaf Of Fall

At the feet, of faith, still beauty, lies
Rejoicing, rot of life, to death
Funeral of fall, from a, poet’s eyes
Is a nirvana, love’s labors, giveth!

When the, kisses, of the zephyr, caresses of spring
Bid me, adieu, to, my destiny
What glory, to me, fall could bring
Crestfallen, to, ignominy!

I echo, soft rustles, of bliss
Immortal hope, in, mortal soil
Deep-seeded, in, fertile abyss
In the, midst of, my heart’s toil!

Lest I, be lost, to never last
Faith’s graffiti, on, my fortitude’s wall
Future’s birth, sprouting, o’er, grave of past
How I Long, To Be, A Leaf, Of Fall!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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