The Sham-Man From Africa

Sell mystique, to, who pays, its price
Beyond, faith, and fear, in fief
Who weigh, in radium, their love, for your lies
What wouldn’t, they lavish, beyond, your belief!

Why, royal ethos, yearns, to be mazed
By platitude, flaunting, attitude
To escape, from, ‘clichéd’, and ‘crazed’
Mirrors of Truth, yelling, “You are nude!”

What’s quixotic, is, exotic
In the, heist of, Godmen, Shamans, …
From, hypnotic, to neurotic
Is the, regal love, for the charlatans!

Princess Märtha, will, never forget
Faith’s, coup d’état, by, heart’s hutzpah
When she’s, betrayed, by, Duke Verrett
The Sham-Man, From, Africa!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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