Remembrance Never Rusts In Snow

Was it, avalanche, on a, stormy eve
Or a, careless nudge, by a, rocky edge
Who’d know, trail of, tragedy, would leave
A dream, that didn’t, fall off, the ledge!

That winter, would, never return
Like a, blue moon, lost, in a fairytale
He left me, alone, to yearn, and yearn
In the silence, of the, haunting vale!

I chased, his shadows, who lay, lost
Somewhere, in the throes, of a glacier
To find, at last, his soul, almost
A mortal’s, immortal, souvenir!

Whose, legacy lives, how could, he die
He kept, his vow, thru, many a woe
Life’s, a lasting truth, death, a passing lie
Remembrance, Never, Rusts, In Snow!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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