Living In A Wordless World

Lest, facades, of, impressions, fall
To bare, silence of, every verse
Is there, no expression, at all
In the, emptiness, of universe!

With scripted lies, its words, and voice
Language, is a, pilgrimage, of outrage
Cojectures, of literature, despise
The quest, of truth, o’er, endless age!

Who needs, the verbal slaves, of thoughts
The mob, that lives, on sibboleths
Would they outlast, us, defiant doubts
Everlasting relics, of, mortal breaths!

There’s nirvana, beyond, prisons of sense
Where lay, all our, pretentions hurled
Let silence, be, our soul’s, substance
Living, In A, Wordless World!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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