Sleeping In An Unmarked Grave

Whose son, lay dead, in oblivion
His captain, minused, him, from troop
Unworthy, of, a rescue mission
Meagre soldier, lost, in a, stormy swoop!

What, friends did him, and, what did foes
Left him, all alone, with a bayonet
Whose apathy, killed him, no one knows
“Little Tommies”, are born, to forget!

A mother’s, letter, comes everyday
“How is, Where is, my stubborn lad”
“What’s left, to say, is this hearsay –
“Your lad, was last seen, in Stalingrad!””

A mother mourns, “Where I, lost my, disgraced dream!
Why, brittle mean men, pretend, to be brave!”
Being martyred, in a war, what did, you redeem
By Sleeping, In An, Unmarked Grave!”

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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