What Matters Not And Most In Art

What the, “head-over-heels”, painting, reveals
Art’s creed, transcends, all dimensions
Enigma, of, elan, appeals
“Quit, conventions, mere pretentions!”

What’s inverted, maybe, what is straight
Every, dark truth, has the, starkest shades
Humans, are not, what, they create
But shadows, of their, own charades!

In this, intrigue, of perspectives
Relative rational, rules, the roost
Is, an object, beyond, its objectives
Ask yourself, before you, turn to Proust!

In, every mind’s eye, musings’ avatar
Plays, a new mystique, of the, same Mozart
Do thinkers, sell in, thoughts’ bazaar
What Matters, Not, And Most, In Art!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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